Imortalium: Telomeres Anti Aging Announced by Youngevity

Imortalium Is A New Advanced Anti-Aging Supplement to Promote Healthy Aging With Telomeres.

An amazing breakthrough in genetic coding may finally make it possible to slow cellular aging. In 2009, a team of doctors won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for discovering that the ends of chromosomes are protected by coverings called Telomeres that control cellular aging. Telomeres are the latest discovery in anti aging and Youngevity is releasing Imortalium very soon!

According to their press release:

Imortalium is the most advanced anti-aging supplement to date.

Imortalium nutritionally helps extend the lifespan of telomeres; the biological clocks found in almost every cell. The cutting-edge, bi-layered tablets allow anti-aging nutrients to be released both rapidly and slowly for maximum exposure to antioxidant enzymes, and essential nutrients that support optimal telomere health..

  • Promotes Telomere-Lengthening Enzyme Activity in Healthy Cells.
  • Inhibits Telomere-Shortening Enzyme Activity in Healthy Cells.
  • Helps to minimize Oxidative Free-Radical Damage to Telomeres
  • Promotes Healthy Restriction and Reduction of Telomere Length in Unhealthy Cells.
  • The essential minerals in Imortalium nourish your cells and help improve your overall quality of life and lifespan.

Imortalium™ is a breakthrough in anti-aging with nutrients that support telomere health; the biological clocks inside every cell. By keeping our telomeres healthy and extending the lifespan of our cells, we may be able to live a longer, healthier life.

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IMORTALIUM with Telomeres

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